10 Best Ways to Improve Customer Experience During Booking

Customer experience plays a vital role in the success of the business. Therefore, companies these days give prime focus to customer experience. Furthermore, customer experience has emerged as the determining factor that differentiates brands from competitors in the market. In the meantime, customer experience has emerged as the benchmark businesses have to fulfill. If otherwise, that will have a devastating impact on the company. That is more reason to put your customer first.

We have briefly discussed the importance of customer experience. Now let us look closely at what customer experience intends. Customer experience refers to everything that can make a perception of the brand. Many methods can influence the customer in the sales strategy that can affect the customer perception. The business’s aspects can influence customer perception, especially the little things. Maintaining a robust digital presence also adds to the customer experience. For instance, you have to design a unique website for the business. Remember, while developing the website, all the information should be easy to access and user-friendly. While scheduling the appointment, potential customers have to click several links, which can often be frustrating. The same goes for booking an appointment. Making the process simple adds to the customer experience.

Ways to Improve the Experience for Customers Throughout Their Booking Journey

One way to improve customer experience is to improve how the business interacts with the customer. That is, improving the communication with the customers. Furthermore, you must develop a customer experience strategy to improve customer experience.

Customers want a delightful experience, and if you could deliver that to the customer. That sets you apart from the competitors. As a result, you can lure customers effortlessly.

A delightful customer experience is paramount for the business’s success because a satisfied customer can easily convert and stay loyal to the brand. Furthermore, that would result in increased revenue. Therefore, you have to invest time in delivering a positive experience to the customer.

We have so far discussed the importance of a positive customer experience. Now let us discuss some tips that are beneficial to businesses to improve customer experience from booking an appointment onward.

1.  Use appointment scheduling software

Every business has established an appointment scheduling system. For instance, in a paper-based system, customers phone the company and wait long hours to schedule an appointment. In this system, human error would likely hamper the system. For instance, the staff may double book an appointment or misplace the paper where they have written the appointment. You can effortlessly replace the system with appointment scheduling software. The software not only digitalizes the system but also improves its efficiency. Picktime is an appointment scheduling software that enhances customer experience while booking an appointment. The software can effortlessly send automated messages over email or SMS. As a result, that prevents customers from showing up for the appointment scheduled over the long haul, which benefits the business. The software also packs other powerful features: 24/7 easy booking, payment gateway integration, and so on. Furthermore, you can analyze the performance of the business.

2. Make the mobile website device friendly

While designing the website, create a website that is mobile devices friendly. Potential customers these days spend a lot of time online, usually on mobile devices. Therefore, you have to create a website that is mobile devices friendly. Furthermore, as per a study by SmartInsights, 71 percent of the time potential customers spend online is from mobile devices. That is merely for consuming content online. Furthermore, potential customers use mobile devices for extensive research on brands online—for instance, reviews of the product from previous customers as it is very convenient during transit.

3. More images and fewer texts

If you focus on giving the customers a delightful experience, then too much text is a distraction for potential customers. On the contrary, the images give a clear representation of your products. Moreover, that will assist in gaining the trust of potential customers. According to Hubspot, marketers have identified that visual content plays a crucial role in making a robust social media presence and assists in reaching potential customers effortlessly.

4. Links on social media profiles

Social media is essential in enhancing the customer’s experience and where you reach the customers. Furthermore, according to Pew, 79 percent of potential customers have social media profiles, a vast market that you should take advantage of. Remember that the post on the social profiles should include the links to the website, especially the booking page, if you offer discounts to potential customers.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are relatively new in the tech world and have gained popularity as a solution for customer service. However, the majority of customer inquiries are handled by chatbots. That helps businesses reduce costs. Furthermore, the chatbot can answer the doubts of the customers regarding the booking process, and later the customer care teams can follow up with the customers.

6. 24/7 booking

24/7 booking can enhance the customer experience. Implementing such a system permits the customer to make the booking any time they want to make a booking. As a result, that will spike the revenue the business can generate. Furthermore, that also makes the company much more flexible, and the booking system is more flexible. As a result, that improve customer experience with a few steps.

7. Point of contact

There has to be a point of contact for the customers to reach, even if that seems to be an undervalued feature. Content Marketing Institute surveyed, and 51 percent of the respondents responded that they want a trustworthy point of contact from the business. That is an essential feature that companies should have.

8. Take feedback and improve

The booking system you have established is efficient and convenient for the customers. That does not mean you can improve. The feedback from the customers would be immensely beneficial to improve the system. The minutest of things can improve customer experience while booking.

9. Payment options

The business can include more than one payment option for potential customers to make the payment. As a result, you can receive more payment and thus more customers.

10. Decrease the buffers time

When potential customers pay online on the website, you can try to make the process faster, as waiting frustrates the customers. Slow loading time is a buzz killer. On average, the customers wait 6 to 10 seconds to load the page. The time may not seem much, but a slow loading time can harm the business.

In conclusion, following the tips to improve customer experience during booking will result in increased bookings and higher customer satisfaction. By making the booking process simpler and more efficient, customers will be more likely to use your service again. Implementing these changes will result in a better customer experience and a more successful business.

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