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5 Easy Tips to Writing Website Copy That Converts

Many aspects make a website better than the others, such as design, graphics, web pages, or content. It is a fact that all these things combined unify a website from the others. But most importantly, the web copy is the core ingredient that makes a website stand out from the crowd.

According to a stat,

“38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.”

When it comes to the websites, you only have three seconds to grab the visitors’ attention and convince them to stay longer on your platform. It’s up to you whether you make them stick to your website with a compelling copy or discourage them with the unengaging content of your website. The strong website copy enables your website to rank higher in terms of  SEO eventually Google will bring your website to it’s top pages.

Here, you will get to know some main elements for the website copy that can convince your website visitors to have an extended visit to your website.

Understand The Customer Psychology

Before you start writing the website copy, it is better to know your audiences. Analyze which type of customers are visiting your website more often.

According to a stat,

“It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.”

Your audiences controversially judge the website due to a mass of competition. If you do not analyze the understanding of your targets vigilantly, you can lose the authenticity of your brand. Adjust the facts in your copy that sound interesting to the visitors. So, it can create a better understanding between you and them.

It is also essential to know that complicated and systematic words can confuse the readers. For example, you provide the services of “ Custom Styling + CSS.” Most of the audiences probably are not aware of the term CSS. What you can do to overcome this issue is to write “Custom Website Styling.” This way, more of the customers can easily understand the meaning of these services.

Design a Framework of Your Website Copy

Before you go for the colors, designs, and graphics, innovative features on your site, you need to write the skeletal framework of your website. The good luck is that you are already the expert for this part of your website copy. Your business expertise and a few pieces of paper will do the job. By the time you’re done, you’ll have website content that works.

When customers have enough knowledge about your services in just a few seconds, they can rapidly move towards the other web pages of your website. Eventually, you can create a long-lasting clientele through your website copy.

Prefer The Needs and Benefits Of The Customers

“Decide the effect you want to produce in your reader.” — Robert Collier.

I agree that customers want to know about your products and services. But more than that, they are concerned about their needs and the benefits they will get from them. If the copy you have written for the products and services will sound beneficial to the customers, they will not take time to throw the money to you.

Try to ask these questions from yourself while drafting the product copy.

How will these products benefit my audiences?

Will this sound familiar to my targeted audiences?

Will my services give minimal solutions to them?

As everyone searches and visits the websites in order to fulfill certain necessities. Try to reach out to the immediate needs of your targeted audiences.

Avail Benefits From Testimonials

Naming the problem and benefits is not enough; the prime game is to sell the package (products and services). Make sure that your web designer applies a range of testimonials, and they appear immediately when a potential customer visits your website.

There is nothing powerful than an unbiased third party saying, “These services have eased my life.”

When a potential customer is studying your brand online, they will often use your website to know more about your brand and the services you offer. That’s why having a fantastic testimonial page is vital because this is one of the first places that customers will head to when visiting your website to see what feedback your other clients have given about your brand.

Your website copy must include the testimonials and reviews from clients you have worked with, especially when you’re just getting started. Eventually, it will build your authenticity and make your potential clients see that they belong.

Convince The Audiences To Take Action

You’ve got your readers caught with a guaranteed copy. What’s next? It is the best time to get them to take action and convert. Without a CTA, there’s no point to this whole exercise.

There are numerous surprising benefits of the CTA buttons. The process of designing and writing CTA (call to action) is very crucial in getting conversion results.

In many cases, adding a deadline or a sense of urgency in your CTAs can make a big difference. If your copy has done its job, why not go for the close? Don’t just ask visitors to take action. Ask them to take it now, lest they lose the opportunity to experience your product!

For example, a CTA copy could be simple as “Visit our store today!” Alternatively, it could be as complex as a limited-time offer that customers can access through a specified email.

Closing Thoughts

Bestow your visitors the ability to search for what they are actually looking for, and make that search function rapidly and readily available on your website. Analyze and record all search terms and the pages they seek. This can be a rich source of data, briefing you on precisely what your visitors want. Using and observing reviews is another efficient way of listening to your visitors.

It is advisable to give your copy a makeover. Go back to the focal areas, start by thoroughly understanding your customers, and follow the rest of the measures described in this post to write more compelling copy.

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