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6 Best Knee Supports to Wear for Running

Running is an effective and stress-relieving exercise for many athletes. But, it can be painful on your knees and get worse over time. The knees are the major joints that support and bear all your upper abdominal weight. However, they are commonly and easily injured due to various conditions among runners. As a result, knee pain might worsen and be a long-term barrier for athletes and runners that restricts their regular activities.

What are Common Knee Injuries while Running?

Many athletes suffer from knee pain and injury at some point. There are various types of knee injuries that might occur due to running. Knee injuries cause instability and fragility that lead to the sensation that your Knee is giving way. The common knee injuries include the following:

  • Fracture
  • Dislocation
  • Muscle Sprain and Tear
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis

Can I still run if my Knee Hurts?

Most runners and athletes have had knee pain, whether it was overtraining or running. You should avoid running if you feel severe pain in your knees. Runners who want to keep running without any problem should always use proper protective equipment. That will give you additional support and protect your knees from many injuries.

How does it feel to have a Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s Knee is one of the most common problems among runners. You may experience pain and soreness around your Knee while running. It could lead you from mild aching to a sudden and severe injury. Whether you’ve just had an injury or have been suffering from one, you know how difficult it can be to walk or even stand. If you start running miles and miles, those muscles that support your Knee are likely to be injured that might cause poor knee movement.

How Can a Runner’s Knee be treated?

If your knee pain is severe and gets worse with time, you should stop running and start taking care of it. You may help yourself recover and get back on your feet by doing a few essential things. To reduce the pain and raise the chances of recovery, you should take proper rest, a good diet, and elevation. You can also try to do some mild exercises for your knees with a good physiotherapist. Wearing a good knee brace can help support the Knees and prevent further injuries from happening.

Types of Knee Supports for Running

If you’re seeking the best knee support for running, you’ll have to find them because different knee braces are for various problems. They’re all made for those who are prone to injury or already have one. Knee sleeves help to support and stabilize the joint. They are not only for injuries but also for pain relief, and they can be used for routine activities as needed.

  •   Knee sleeves

Knee sleeves provide compression and support across the Knee. They give enough resistance by giving knees extra support and enhancing your athletic activities. They are ideal for the activity that involves a significant amount of stress on your knees like, Football, Soccer, Hiking, Running, and more. You can also wear them for arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle strains.

  •   Compression Knee Sleeves

The compression knee sleeves provide moderate pressure around your knee joints and give optimal support. Through compression, it helps to stabilize knee pain and reduce the chances of injury. They are great to use for running, jumping, hiking, or any other form of physical activity. In addition, they support and stabilize the Knee for people with muscle tear, ACL, arthritis, and post-surgery.

  •   Neoprene Knee Supports

The neoprene knee supports allowing all-day compression and warmth to reduce swelling, pain, and soreness. It helps to heal your knees faster, and you can even wear them if you’ve undergone surgery. They can be used at home, at work, or while participating in sports. They can reduce the risk of injury and can be worn under clothes.

  •   Adjustable Neoprene Knee Supports

Adjustable neoprene supports have fully adjustable straps that can be fastened at any point according to your knee shape. They help relieve chronic knee pain caused by arthritis, strains, and sprains, and they’re also great for post-surgery recovery. In addition, they provide compression to muscles and joints to strengthen them and prevent swelling and pain.

  •   Patella Knee Straps

Patella Knee Straps have an adjustable strap that is for fixing adjustments around your knees. They’re suitable for various physical activities, especially those that require a lot of jumping and running. And they can help you improve your performance. In addition, they’re ideal for lessening the knee pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, and sports-related injuries. 

  •   Patella Knee Support with double strap.

Patella Braces with Double Straps strengthen and stabilize the patella as well as absorb the shocks. These straps are much more comfortable because they support the entire Knee in the middle, above and below the knee cap. They give your Knee the right amount of compression to reduce pain and stiffness. Dual straps provide focused pressure that relieves stress and provides immediate relief from knee pain.


When a knee is violently twisted or forcibly stretched, the joints that hold the Knee together can get damaged or even break. A brace or support protects the Knees from overstretching and compressing the joints around them. It can also help to prevent acute and long-term damage. In addition, Knee supports provide stable pressure across your knees by securing them perfectly. 

So, it’s essential to choose the best knee brace which is convenient and comfortable to use. 360 Relief has a wide range of knee supports and braces for different knee problems. In addition, they are available in different colors and sizes, whatever your need is. These supports give you the perfect amount of comfort and relief while allowing you to move your legs freely.



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