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Disney has never failed to amaze its fan, whether it is a child, teenager or adult. Sticking hard to its rapidly increasing fan following, Disney always comes up with something unique to stun its audience. We all are well-aware of the famous movie of Disney, 101 Dalmatians, where Cruella was the villain of the script, who attracted the maximum attention of the viewers.

1961’s release 101 Dalmatians revealed that Cruella hated the Dalmatian breed of dogs, but it did not highlight how Cruella came into being. The film was simply loved by the audience. Later in May 2021, a remake of Cruella was directed by Craig Gillespie. The film was a super hit cracking the box office, generating millions of dollars. The character of Cruella was played by Emma Stone.

How Estella Become Cruella 

Are you aware of how did the fashion-crazy Estella transformed into such an evil character unable to stand dogs and puppies? As we all have dreams to achieve, similarly, Estella was a young girl to a single mother. Coupled with her mother, she moved to London.

Estella was a young laden, quick-witted, and clever enough to get her desire. She grew up while nurturing a dream to create a name in the world of fashion. Estella was just like any other child on Earth, naughty, perfect in her imperfections, and of course, loved her mother the most. Estella was always in a race to please her mother whatever she did.

On her journey to get all that she desired, she came across a pair of thieves Jasper and Horace, who cunningly watered the seed of mischief buried deep down in her personality. All three of them joined together to carve a life for themselves on the lanes of London.

On her journey with her new friends, she finally came across the most glittering name of the fashion world, Baroness von Hellman. He was considered a fashion legend.

He was the one to transmute the seed of mischief in Estella in the tree of cruelty. It is how the dreamy fashion crazy Estella became a heartless revenge-bent Cruella.

Final Words

Ever since 101 Dalmatians was released in 1961, I have been a great fan of the movie. The story was just beyond interesting; every artist performed the best in their own way. Honestly speaking, I always wanted to discover the reason, Why Cruella was so cruel?

In May 2021, I was very excited to set my vision upon the Disney remake of Cruella, featuring Emma Stone. I was super excited for the movie to be released and waited excitedly. Well, I must say the story was worth waiting for! The script, the performance, it all just blew me off the ground. The twists and plots were enough to startle the audience, forcing them to bite their nails in the curiosity of what awaits them in the upcoming scenes. It was a complete pack of entertainment, I must say.


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