Everything you need to know about TDG training program

In the modern days, it is quite common for the different types of businesses like manufacturing units, service providers, etc. To use various types of chemicals and other dangerous substances. While some of these can be deadly, it becomes very important to handle all of these chemicals across the country during the transportation process i.e. by rail, air and road. In order ensure the safety of the people involved in the transportation process, TDG and WHMIS were put in place.

What is the TDG?

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) is an act and regulation that sets out standards for worker and public safety when volatile goods are transported. Different territories and provinces have their own transportation of dangerous goods legislation, But the fact here is that most of them generally mirror the Canadian government’s federal regulations.

But one important thing to note here is that most of the dangerous goods being transported by road are likely to need ferry services. So it becomes important to check with the ferry service to see what restrictions they have for the transportation of dangerous goods training.

What is the purpose of the TDG Regulations?

Many people know that they need a TDG certification, but they do not know the purpose of this TDG course. The purpose of this the training program is to promote public safety when dangerous goods are being handled, offered for transport or transported.

In simple words, the TDG course regulations are the set of rules that are prescribe the safety standards and shipping requirements for the dangerous and harmful goods like chemicals. Another use of these regulations is that they can be also used as a means of communicating the nature and level of danger associated with chemicals.

The ‘Clear Language’ regulations of TDG came into effect on 2002. The goal of these regulations is to replace the old ones as they were outdated. The fact to note here is that the latest guidelines and regulations are applicable to all modes of transport (i.e. road, rail, marine and air) in Canada.

Who need WHMIS and TDG Training

We all know that working with the dangerous goods or chemicals can be dangerous and shipping them can be even dangerous without the set rules. This is why it becomes very important that the transportation of dangerous goods training is performed and handled only certified professionals who have TDG certification. According to the regulations, it is mandatory for the workers responsible for handling and/or transport dangerous goods are required to have the proper Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training. The goal is to ensure the safety of the people responsible for working with these dangerous goods or chemicals.

When the training is correctly applied for the process of transportation of dangerous goods training, it ensures the safety of the the goods, and those receiving the goods. At the same time, it also affects the involved in the transportation or handling of dangerous.

Here are some reasons why you should consider TDG course for your workers:

One of the most important and common purposes of a TDG training program is that it covers the proper, packing, storing, handling, and transportation of hazardous chemicals or other substances with aim to ensure that these goods do not pose a threat to your workers. In addition, having a TDG certification also ensures that your business stays compliant to the safety requirements by the local authority. This is a moral responsibility of every business to ensure the safety of workers throughout the manufacturing and shipping process to prevent risk or at least minimize it for the sake of everyone.

A Transportation Of Dangerous Goods training is aimed to help organizations know who us responsible for the safe handling and shipping of the hazardous chemicals and substances. The reason here is that it should be the responsibility of only a designated person who understands the labels and other marking of the chemicals to safety ship them from one place to another without any hassle. When everyone in the team understands his or her obligations and is aware of the penalties applicable in case of failing to take those obligations seriously, it helps the team managers to be aware similarly about the risks associated with this type of work.

The TDG certification training program is a customized course that is dedicated to help everyone in the team to see and understand the proper handling of these goods know exactly what to do to prevent and control hazards. This training program teaches about packing and marking the containers along with the knowledge about who to contact in case of problems or breeches in procedure too. When everyone in the team is concerned with the process of handling the hazardous chemicals, it helps ensure an in-house check system to help ensure that every container containing dangerous goods is handled and marked properly.

Once the team undergoes a comprehensive transportation of dangerous goods training program, it ensures that the workers in the team understand and comply with OHS guidelines and laws that are aimed to help benefit your business with assured safety and compliance. The goal of this training is also to ensure that everyone in the team stays aware of the high cost of failing to comply with the OHS guidelines.

So when you are concerned about the safety of your team members as well as business image, it is important to integrate a TDG course or training to your overall chemical management program.

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