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The first step is to understand the differences in the ORGANIC AND PAID reach of Facebook and other social platforms.

ORGANIC refers to any online activity that does not pay for a promotion but uses free tools for social media to grow and build an online community. It’s not easy, but If you put the work into it, you’ll benefit from the results!

PAID social is anything on social media that has been paid for. Advertisements, sponsored or boosted posts that brands pay social media to promote to audiences that surpass (and comprise) the number of followers click here.

Cost-per-click (CPC) is among the most popular ways to charge for this promotion.

Paid ads let you reach out to people who may not have been a fan of your site but share similar interests or have similar demographics.

A summary of the advantages and disadvantages that come with organic Facebook marketing as opposed to paid Facebook marketing is provided in the table below. Each has merits; however, in the image below, there is something you should consider.

It’s always awe-inspiring to me how many people schedule a discovery zoom or one-on-one session with me, and the first question they ask will be, “can you help me with my paid ads? I’m not getting any results, and I’m throwing a lot of money at my Facebook (or google) ads and getting no results.”My response to them is the same “Let’s see what you’re doing with your ORGANIC posts, where your brand message is, what’s happening with your website, and once you are all over that, THEN we can talk about investing in paid ads!” In most cases, we do not have to spend any money on ads because they’re consistently executing their organic posts and perfecting their SEO on their site. Their engagement and rank are soaring, and they see excellent results!!

However, organic and paid social strategies can simultaneously connect with and build relationships with your existing followers and expand your brand’s reach to a larger public, which is why for many companies in the middle, a mixture of natural and paid-for search can be an excellent alternative. But I would never suggest just paying for advertisements.

Organic rankings give the company credibility and a long-lasting search result.

Paid search offers immediate top-of-the-page results and higher click-through rates, i.e., sales when customers are ready to buy.

The time has come to forget of paid against. Organic searches as an ongoing war but not one or the other. I think that paid ads will only succeed if organic content works more. They recognize how your clients are seeking solutions online and assist them in locating your website’s content.

One of the most recent FB algorithm changes focused on prioritizing posts that result in “more meaningful interactions,” and more interactions mean greater organic reach!

Without further delay, Here are ten suggestions to boost your Facebook ORGANIC audience (so you only have to spend your advertising dollars for something vast and crucial!)

Mix things up in your posts by using many different types of posts

Still, images, video, several images in one article, and text that is not accompanied by pictures. Currently, links to your site (link articles) should be included in the comments. However, this could change with everything else, and you should be aware of linking elsewhere on your blog followerspro.

Facebook allows sharing of content, typically through hyperlink posts.

FB does not want users to quit their platform. Therefore, they examine how useful your links are before they make your posts appear up or down in the Newsfeeds of users according to the quality. One of the primary indicators of quality is the time users spend on the page before returning to Facebook. The longer, the better. However, they’d like that you return. !!!! What they’re asking to achieve is to have your users click on the link and then interact with the post following. If people take more action after reading the link, it’s a sign that they enjoyed the content or thought it was interesting. Crikey, This is a tough one!


Whether it is Facebook Lives or Reels or Video Stories or Videos, or Video Posts, FB loves video content and has prioritized it on the feed. Another benefit of LIVE video is that it’s unplanned, unique, spontaneous, and can be watched afterward! If people begin watching your live stream, most of the time, they will stay till the very end. Request people to comment or ask questions, and encourage people to interact.

Remind followers to add the notifications on

It’s a simple way to ensure that most people can see (and thus, interact with) your content. You must remind them to turn on your notifications!

In reality, if you own an official Facebook company page, many of your customers aren’t viewing your posts. It’s sad, but it’s true.

This can be solved by asking as many of your fans as possible to set up notifications by clicking the icon below “Like” on your fan page and then ensuring “See First” is selected.

Every time you make a live announcement or publish anything new on the web. Your followers will be informed and can view it.

It is possible to do the same with your group on Facebook. When new members join, new group notifications are automatically enabled; however, they typically stop after receiving many messages for a time.

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