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Know About Google Algorithms and the Latest Google SEO Updates

If you want to rank your website in the search engine, you need to go with Google updates and algorithms. SEO is an important part to increase the reliability, visibility, and readability of the website. But, if you don’t follow the Google updates, it is not possible to rank your website. In case of violence, Google can block your website (temporarily or permanently) without any reason. 

It means you have to know about the latest updates and algorithms of Google on a timely basis. As per recent research, Google updates its algorithm from 500 to 600 times every year. Here are some important and latest updates from Google for SEO

Update of Link Spam

Google updated this algorithm on July 26, 2021, which is also known as “Link Spam Update”. It is a critical update launched by Google to identify the spam links across the web pages in multiple languages. In such a situation:

  • You should make your website “spam-free” to maintain its reputation on Google. 
  • As per this algorithm, you should focus on high-quality content and user-friendly services on the website.
  • Google advises not to use spam links, keyword stuffing, manipulation links, etc.
  • However, you can consult a reputed SEO Company to know the latest algorithm of Google. 

Page Experience Update

It is one of the most revolutionary updates in the history of Google updates. After May 2021, Google updates this change to improve the user experience on the website. In other words, it is important to reduce the engagement time for the users. One can make a webpage user-friendly like

  • In SEO, if a web page is taking lots of time, you need to make it user-friendly. As per the Google update, you need to decline the loading time of the page on your website.
  • Ads are not a good option on your website. It is a type of barrier for the user that also has adverse effects on your website. 
  • To improve the page experience for users, an SEO person should know about the HTTPS ranking boost and other mobile-friendly updates.
  • Try to make your website free from spam and be updated with the Google algorithm for SEO. 

Google Passage Ranking

It is another latest update of Google for SEO users. This is a huge algorithm in the history of Google. If you don’t follow this Google update, it may decline the rating of your website by 7%. Also, it is an important update launched in February 2021 and:

  • According to this update, Google wants to decrease the time spent by users in searching for particular information.
  • First of all, this update is known as “Passage indexing”. It gives more accurate results and information about the user experience on your website.
  • Also, the content should be written in that manner so that users can easily read it and can avail your services.

Google Core Update

Google always does lots of changes through core updates to the user. Every month, you can also notice the core update for the SEO users. That is why; it is important to monitor the updates of Google on a daily basis to make changes to your website. In the same manner, you should also know about the Google core updates daily.  

Last Words

You can choose numerous alternatives to keep updated with Google updates. The first way is to check the traffic on your website regularly. Secondly, you can also search the rank of your keyword on Google. Also, you can visit the official website of Google and read the updates directly. In case of any support, you can also contact an SEO agency for making your website according to the algorithm of Google.

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