Take A Look on Some Tree House Resorts in India

In our childhood days many times we think of a tree house fantasy when we see a tree in our lawn. I think many people had experienced this lovely feeling. But this fantasy is never a fantasy anymore because a number of tree house resorts in India made it truly alive to experience it. Particularly, in hill stations and forest regions numerous tree house resorts became as ideal stay options. Take A Look on Some Tree House Resorts in India.

However, staying in a tree house will be very interesting and joyous thing. It may be luxurious or not but you can enjoy the serene surroundings around you. Experiencing the tree house at a maximum height of 70 to 90 feet height surrounded with untarnished greenery is just fantastic to enjoy.

Tree House Resort, Jaipur

30 minutes of time spare from Jaipur you can reach this wonderful tree house resort. It is one of the world’s largest tree house resorts. This popular tree house resort was located at Nature Farms in Syari Valley.

What’s the specialty of the tree house is a blend of nature with luxury. Yes, you can find the best accommodation at this tree house. They are divided into luxury nests, deluxe nests, and private suits. Among them, you can pick which is the best for you. But every nest was equipped with all cozy elements. In addition to this, activities such as jeep safaris, nature walks, birding, are the next great things in this resort.

The Machan, Maharashtra

Very close to Mumbai, The Machan tree house resort is the best choice for families and couples. This famous tree house resort was located in the Western Ghat mountains at Lonavala. The Machan offers the best accommodations with balcony views, mini-bar, and top amenities.

The tree houses perched amid lush greenery gives fantastic views of Lonavala Valley. You can enjoy the activities such as cycling and hiking through the forests of Lonavala. Especially, for couples, this tree house is the most recommended one in Maharashtra.

Vythiri Tree Resort, Kerala

Tree house resorts in Kerala are completely different from others. Because you feel that you are enjoying the warmth of nature in close with the tree houses of Kerala. One such a beautiful tree house resort is Vythiri located in Lakkidi, Wayanad. Lush mountainous region and the stretch of western Ghats made this tree house resort as an ideal one for nature lovers.

You can enjoy the best accommodations with basic facilities but not so luxurious. The special things of this resort are an outdoor swimming pool, Ayurvedic spa, games room, massage parlor, and a wellness center. An on-site restaurant serves the best delicacies of Indian, Continental, and local varieties.

Manali Tree House Cottages, Manali:

In Katrain village of Manali, this Manali Tree House Cottages are located. Tree house experience in Manali like places will be very fascinating and thrilling. This tree house cottage was located midst thick wild and orchard fields. So you can enjoy the best stay amid lush greenery.

The accommodations available here a tree house, four cottages, and a Swiss tent. You can enjoy the basic comforts in this tree house. And the best recommended time to experience this tree house cottage is during autumn. At this time you can capture the spell bounding views of snow-capped Himalayas. Cycling and hiking tours will also offer here so you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Manali.

Kaama Kethna Ecological Retreat, Goa

Goa is also a good destination for tree houses. In Agonda, Kaama Kethna Ecological Retreat is a special and unique tree house resort. It specifically focuses on well-being and health. Here the tree houses are placed on cashew trees. An interesting thing is you can see monkeys and birds in close calls from your tree house. Because all time they roam on the trees.

If anyone wants to enjoy the pleasantness of nature, they can choose this resort. Here they offer Yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, and many more. But they offer everything relating to eco-friendly only. Kaama Kethna Ecological Retreat is the best place for serene seekers.

Here the top 5 tree house resorts are known for different attractions and ideology. Some are known for luxurious stays and some are known for the beautiful environment around them. Like this different types of tree house resorts in India make you choose what type you want to experience. Take A Look on Some Tree House Resorts in India and visit to enjoy.  

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