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We all are aware of the chilling and terror-filled series of The Conjuring 3 Plot. The same storyline has always terrified the viewers to the core, making chills running down their spines. The last part of this movie sequel was released in the theatres in September 2020. There are a lot of whispers attached to the final release and story of the movie. It is a true event-based story. Although it wasn’t as creepy as the first 2 parts, it is still wrapped around the audience’s hearts.

Base Of The Story Line

Coming back to the movie story, the film covers the first demonic possession trial in the United States. The plot reveals the actual scenario of a murder case that took place in 1981, when 19-year-old arborist Arne Cheyenne Johnson and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Debbie Glatzel were residing in an apartment in Brookfield, Kennel.

On February 16th, 1981, the couple was hanging around to chill with a bunch of their friends and pals; as Bono was drunk heavily, Debbie Glatzel realized it was time to ask the group of young girls to set back to their homes. Their exit gave rise to a dangerous and violent argument between severly drunk Bono and Johnson. The argument took a dreadful turn, and in a rage of anger, Johnson stabbed Bono 5 – 6 times, leading him to lose his life on the spot.

The murder was dragged down to the court for jusitce of the case, it was for the first time that the defense attorney gave a statement of demonic presence in the Johnson’s body in order to dodge the death sentence.

Though later the higher attorney refused to believe the defence statement saying that “I’m not going to allow the defence of demon possession, period.”

As a resùlt, Johnson was proved deadly manslaughter and was sentenced to imprisonment for upto 20 years. But for well-behaving in the custody, he was released back to life within 4 years.

It has also been unveiled that Debbie Glatzel and Arne Johnson got married while Johnson was imprisoned. Their marriage continued for almost 30 years. Debbie also stated about the death of Johnson, though the event was not picturized to be shown in the film.

Well, Conjuring 3 is a perfect blend of facts and fiction. As mentioned earlier, that the entire plot was based upon a true story, but to make it more creepy and chilling some phenomenal fiction parts were stirred in the movie.

Movie Review

The Conjuring 3, released last year was thrilling, but not as scary as the last two parts. But the conjuring crazy audience still loved the plot particularly the exorcism part.

What a terrifying look it was! The paranormal expert in the film, Ed and Lorraine Warren both had a firm belief in the possession and existence of evil.

The most relishing and horrifying part of the movie was the beginning. The movie opened with a possessed boy name David, whose body was taken over by a demonic presence. The body of the boy was picturized levitating in the, with the boy speaking unknown multiple languages. Multiple marks have appeared on the body of the little boy! Thrilling!

I personally loved the beginning of the film as it made chills run down my spine.

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