What Has Caused Fulham FC Team to Shower Surprising Love to a differently-abled fan “Rhys Porter”

Let’s dig up some knowledge about the Fulham Football Club and Team.

Fulham football club is a renowned professional football association club of London. This club is the oldest one in the history of English Football clubs. Currently, they are competing in the second tier of the English Football league system.

Rhys Porter, a differently-abled and courageous teenager!

It has been a luckiest week with honorary feelings for the football fan Rhys Porter,

A Fulham Football Team fan suffering from quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy, got bullied on social media “with so many of vile online remarks discriminating contrary to his disability” after he posted a video on TikTok of himself playing as a goalkeeper for a football club for disabled people “Feltham Bees FC”

What actually happened with them on Saturday, 25th September 2021?

While playing with the Bristol City team, Fulham Players mesmerized the world by showing utmost love to devoted fan. The team is winning the hearts of many because of their humble act of love to Rhys Porter (you guys have already read about him). The heart touching moment, gathered on camera by audiences, when the FC team players ran over the Porter to celebrate their goal and hugged with utter love and spirit. The moment was so heart melting and caused the present audience to praise the wonderful team players. This mesmerizing moment was shared online on various platforms and has so far gathered over 3 million views on Twitter alone in less than 24 hours.

Before that blessed moment happened, Porter had received abusive and harsh comments due to his video, but he didn’t let the bad things bog him down. Rather being demotivated, he on a positive note, raised money for Scope, a disability charity, by playing in a goalkeeping challenge that is part of a ‘Make it Count’ campaign of Feltham Bees football club, a disability sports club allied with Brentford.

Porter, the brave teenager spoke to the Sky Sport News “It made me feel quite sad, but I try and get over it and I try and make the positives come out of the situation,” By doing this act of honor he proved that he is a great source of inspiration for all differently-abled people who fear to face the world.

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