What Is the Most Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

A physical exam is the first step in treating erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may also ask you questions and do a blood test to rule out underlying health issues that might cause or aggravate ED, including as diabetes and heart disease.

Medications that make more blood flow to the penis might help, but they won’t help if your ED is cause by stress or problems in your relationships. Your doctor may tell you to get sex therapy or help for your mental health. For men who want to treat impotence, you can buy at

Injections with alprostadil

Alprostadil, commonly known as prostaglandin E1, is effective for around 70% of men with ED. It is a vasodilator, which means it causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing you to achieve an erection. This ED therapy is available as an intracavernous injection or as a suppository that you insert into your urethra.

After two trips to the doctor’s office to learn how to use them, you may self-administer these injections at home. The injections may potentially be used with Tadalafil (Cialis) to increase its effectiveness.

Inform your doctor about any other drugs or supplements you are taking before beginning your injections. This includes vitamins and nutritional supplements, herbs, and prescription and over-the-counter medications. These might impair the effectiveness of the ED medicine or create negative effects.

Penile Implantation

If drugs do not assist, a surgical treatment may be necessary. In the penis, doctors insert flexible or inflated rods. One form of implant contains flexible, semi-rigid cylinders that some compare to gooseneck lamps. These flex outward for intercourse or backward to be hidden beneath clothes. The other uses a pump buried in the scrotum to push fluid into the cylinders, causing an erection.

A blood test or urine test (urinalysis) may also be perform by your doctor to search for evidence of diabetes and other health conditions that may be affecting your erectile dysfunction. Doctors may also do a psychiatric test to check for depression or other psychosocial reasons of ED. Prepare to answer questions about your medical history and other issues.

Medication Taken Orally

Oral drugs such as Cenforce 150mg, Fildena 100mg, Super p force and Sildamax 100mg may help men with mild to moderate ED achieve an erection. These tablets do not act as aphrodisiacs, but rather boost the natural signal that promotes the production of nitric oxide, allowing the penis to create an erection in response to sexual stimulation.

Newer phosphodiesterase inhibitors that operate quicker and last longer than the medicines we now take are being developed. A novel form of alprostadil that is applied to the skin rather than injected or swallow is also being developed.

Doctors may prescribe lifestyle adjustments such as increased physical exercise and eating healthfully to reduce the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. They may also advise you to seek counselling or treatment. In certain circumstances, they may identify emotional factors that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction and offer treatment options such as cognitive behaviour sex therapy (CBST). These techniques aid in the reduction of sexual anxiety.


While medications may be useful, so can physical activity. Exercise has been demonstrated in studies to boost blood flow and testosterone levels. It also reduces stress, which has been link to ED. Cenforce 100mg and Vidalista 20mg are the most effective medications for treating erectile dysfunction in males.

A physical exam and inquiries about your medical history might assist identify whether you have a problem that is causing your ED visit. Diabetes, for example, may impair erections, and high blood pressure drugs can cause a lack of feeling in the penis.

If your doctor wants to assist you reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction, he or she may suggest that you follow a healthy diet and try to lose some weight. Altering your lifestyle, such as getting more exercise and avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs that can interfere with erections, may also be something that he or she recommends to you as a course of treatment. Counseling for mental health might be effective under specific conditions.

Help with Mental Illness

Medication that increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis is not going to be helpful if the problem is cause by mental difficulties such as anxieties about being rejecte or anxiety cause by previous sexual trauma. In many instances, erectile dysfunction may be alleviate by addressing the aforemention challenges in addition to treating the underlying medical conditions.

In a broad sense, the terms “mental health” and “psychosocial support” (MHPSS) are used to refer to any kind of therapy that aids persons in either preserving or enhancing their psychological well-being. It may encompass a wide range of services, including psychotherapy and social work, as well as programs involving families and the community as a whole.

For the delivery of mental health services, certain communities, for instance, have started using peer support workers, often known as PSWs. According to the findings of several studies, social workers are able to help patients feel understood, which is a key component of effective treatment. In settings with little available resources, support from one’s peers may be very useful.

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