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As a tea lover, drinking good tea and hiding good tea are what everyone yearns for, but can there be a standard to measure this “goodness”? There is. The editor believes that to be considered a good tea, there must be four criteria Curious Cat Drinks Discount Code NHS.

Raw materials must be of high quality and craftsmanship must be in place

  1. Veteran tea lovers know that to evaluate the quality of a tea should be judged from the color, aroma, taste, shape and other aspects of the tea. The quality of a tea is determined by two factors: the raw materials of the tea and the tea-making process.
  2. Raw materials determine the content of tea and are also the basis for the quality of a tea. The quality of tea raw materials is determined by factors such as the altitude where the tea tree grows, climate, precipitation, sunshine, surrounding vegetation, soil, air, and the age of the tea tree.
  3. Therefore, tea with a good ecological environment, good air quality and no pollution is more high-quality, organic and healthy.
  4. But the quality of a tea, in addition to high-quality raw materials, craftsmanship is also an indispensable key factor. Craftsmanship determines whether the best tea can be brought out.
  5. Through excellent craftsmanship, the tea aroma and taste can be accurately expressed, so that people can know the true taste of this tea, which is good.
  6. No matter how good the raw material is, but the craftsmanship is poor, it cannot be called good if it loses the standard of color, aroma, taste, and shape that tea should have.

Quality must be safe, hygiene must pass the test

  1. For tea drinkers, the safety and hygiene of imported tea are very important. As a kind of food, tea must be safe to drink, which means that when it is planted, it must be grown in the original ecological environment without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, at least it must be grown in a pollution-free tea garden of.
  2. In addition, there must be a food license, and there must be hygiene guarantees from picking to processing and later storage. Drinking tea is a healthy habit, and good tea is to make people drink healthily and at ease. Therefore, the most basic standard of good tea is health and safety.

The taste should be suitable, and the body will not reject it

The greatest value of tea to people is health. A good tea should taste good, suit your body, be comfortable to drink, and bring benefits to your body Brixton Wine Club Discount Code NHS.

No matter how good the tea is, if the taste is not what you like, it is meaningless; no matter how good the tea is, if you drink tea that is not suitable for your body, it will make your stomach unbearable and your body uncomfortable, then it is not a good tea.

The price should be suitable and affordable

  1. Good tea is not judged by its price. In Xiaofu’s opinion, if the above three conditions are met, the tea that is worthy of the price and affordable for people is good tea.
  2. When we usually choose tea, after meeting the above three conditions, it is the best to choose our favorite tea according to our own quality pursuit and consumption ability.
  3. What kind of tea is good tea, what is your opinion? Welcome everyone to share and discuss in the message area.

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What kind of tea is Grain Rain tea? What is the effect of Grain Rain tea

According to the time of picking, spring tea can be divided into Mingqian tea before Qingming and Yuqian tea before Grain Rain. Grain Rain tea is actually the tea picked during the Grain Rain season.

Grain Rain Tea has the effects of warming and cooling fire, improving immunity, anti-oxidation and improving vascular function Curious Cat Drinks Discount Code NHS.

What is Grain Rain Tea

  1. Grain Rain tea is the tea picked before and after Grain Rain, usually green tea.
  2. Guy is the last solar term in spring. Grain Rain comes from the meaning of “rain produces a hundred grains”. At this time, the temperature rises, the rainfall increases. The humidity in the air further increases, which is very suitable for the growth of cereal crops.
  3. The tea leaves grow most vigorously during the Grain Rain season. The color of the tea is greenish-yellow and tender green.

Grain Rain tea warms and cools

Chinese medicine believes that the tea leaves collected from Grain Rain have a warming and cooling effect. Therefore, drinking Grain Rain tea can clear away fire and improve eyesight

Grain Rain Tea Improves Immunity

Grain Rain Tea contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. These are the nutrients needed by the body’s immune system to function. The human body can not only supplement nutrition, but also improve its own immunity and fight against external germs. invasion.

Grain Rain Tea Antioxidant Improves Vascular Function

Grain Rain Tea is rich in tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have antioxidant effects and can remove oxygen free radicals. Drinking Grain Rain Tea for a long time can prevent vascular sclerosis and also have the effect of lowering blood lipids.


Patients with gastric ulcers and chronic gastritis should not drink too thick or too hot Grain Rain tea; it is also not recommended to drink Grain Rain tea before going to bed, as it may affect sleep.

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