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Hey Writers,

The Daily Guides welcome every person passionate about writing. All people are looking for a suitable platform to publish their writing pieces and high-quality work, whether professional writers/ Passionate freelancers/Bloggers are most welcome on our platform.

Submitting Your Article

  • You are most warmly welcome to come up with your newly written pieces of valuable writing on our platform.
  • We only accept articles that are not already published on any other site.
  • After we receive your article, we will thoroughly review it and publish it if accepted.
  • We are authorized to accept or reject your writing without any reason.
  • Before publishing your Content at The Daily Guides, ensure that you have composed your thoughts on the topics listed below:
  • Technology
  • Apps
  • Gadgets
  • Games
  • Mobile
  • Software
  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Startup
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Travel
  • COVID-19
  • Beauty
  • Fashion

Types Of Content We Do Not Publish

  • The Daily Guides is very strict about its terms of publication. Following is the list of Content that we do not accept at any cost or under any circumstances.
  • Content that is already published on some other sites
  • Adult Content
  • Controversial Content
  • Sales Pitching Content
  • Unethical Content
  • Plagiarized Content
  • Before writing for The Daily Guides, please look at the articles already published on our site to learn about the format and style of writing we accept.

Guideline To Create An Inspiring Content

  • Ensure to add H1 and H2 headings wherever necessary.
  • Go for writing a well-researched and facts-based article to increase the quality of your work.
  • Avoid writing for us if you have already published your article on another website.
  • You are advised to include relatable images where ever necessary. It is because photographs are the best to improve the quality of your article.
  • To make your article even more exciting and attention anchoring, add a relevant image after every 100 words.
  • Hyperlinking can help you improve the readability of all that you write. Add valuable linking to grab the attention of your reader.
  • Proofread your articles before submitting them to us. We do not accept articles with grammatical errors.
  • If you submit your guest post to The Daily Guides, it clearly means that we own the copyrights of your article. We can modify the words if necessary.

Specification Before Sending Your Content

  • Add H1, H2, and H3 headings where required.
  • At least 3 Internal linking must be included in the Content
  • Share your article on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Etc
  • The article must contain facts and enough knowledge to benefit the reader.
  • Publication of author biography is restricted.
  • Only one external link is permitted. 

How To Format Your Article

  • Conduct a valuable research
  • Add subheadings
  • Featured Images (At least one must be attached)
  • Internal Linking (1 at least)
  • The external link should not be more than one

The Publication Process

  • All the blogs and articles written by you will be an excellent help in conducting the off-page SEO.
  • You will email us at your written article at the official email address of The Daily Guides
  • You will then share your article on your social media platform.